RAS Design prepares studies to help clients determine what approach is best for their facility. RAS works with the client to determine the requirements and needs of the facility. Whether it is a master plan and space programming for new construction; a preliminary cost analysis to determine the viability of a project or a projected scope and budget for upgrades and expansion of an existing facility, RAS has the capabilities to compile clear and concise information that is vital for determining requirements for planning on both existing and new food service and laundry facilities.

Preliminary Design and Costing

RAS believes that the key to a successful project begins in the preliminary design. We like to take the time to really communicate with a client during this initial phase to go beyond the initial overviews and get a better detailed account of how the facility is to be used. Detailed computerized schematics, utility schedules and expanded cost estimates are part of what we employ to make sure that the concept, building infrastructure and equipment budgets are going to fall into line with the clients expectations.

Design and Construction Documents

Our construction document plan set incorporates any adjustments and revisions as made based on the preliminary design development research.  Our drawing sets include Electrical, plumbing, mechanical and building conditions plans developed in conjunction with engineers and architect’s final design documents. Fabrication details for custom fabrication and factory shop drawings can be included in AutoCAD or 2 D or 3D. Equipment brochures outline all equipment in detail.

Permit Coordination

RAS works  directly with health departments to insure a stream lined approach to the permit process. We assist the architect’s and engineers in obtaining all the required permits and approvals from municipal building and associated departments. RAS is experienced in review processes for Schools and Hospitals with DSA and OSHPD or equivalent organizations.

Bid Document Preparation and Review

Our construction document set includes a specification that when included with the drawings, allows for a full equipment bid package if competitive bids are requested by the client. We also assist the client with preparation of “Instruction to Bidders” to outline bid format, dates, payment requirements and provide clarifications as required during the process. Once bids are received, we provide a line item review to identify errors and omissions in the bid proposal.

Construction Administration and Oversight

RAS brings experience from the construction side as well as from the design side of our industry. We truly understand what our clients need during the construction of a project. We remain close to the work during the construction phase to insure that the documentation is understood and implemented fully by the Contractors. We meet and check the work regularly to avoid any last minute issues that prevent on time openings and steady budgets. Closing out the construction phase and opening the job is the priority.