About RAS

Ron Sadusky and Lynn Sadusky are the principal owners of the firm. Ron is the firm’s President. He is in charge of all business administration and construction document production. Ron worked with several prominent food service and laundry design firms since 1985 prior to starting RAS Tech, LLC in 1999 and RAS Design Group, LLC in 2005.

Lynn Sadusky is our Vice President. She is in charge of all design and contract administration. Lynn’s experience began in the construction and manufacturing segment of the industry and moved into design after 10 years to work at a design firm in San Francisco. Lynn joined RAS Design Group in 2002.

Ron and Lynn each have over 20 years experience in this industry. During that time, they have gained extensive knowledge working with corporate cafeterias, schools (K-12 and universities), hospitals, prisons, resorts, community and commercial food service and laundry projects.

RAS Design Group is familiar and experienced with OSHPD DSA and LEED projects. RAS Design Group is knowledgeable as to the type of equipment, design and installation guidelines that need be utilized to help improve standing for LEED accreditation. RAS Design Group has extensive experience in working with the requirements of the OSHPD and DSA as it relates to the installation of Food Service and Laundry Equipment within a Hospital or other seismically braced structures.

RAS Design Group’s comprehensive approach extends throughout the project. With experience in both the design and construction aspect of a project, our firm gets involved from the beginning and follows through to make sure that the project is designed, developed and constructed to meet the client’s needs and budget.


Ron Sadusky

Ron’s experience in the food service industry began in 1986 after receiving his Associates in Architectural Drafting at the Denver Institute of Technology in Denver, Colorado. He is experienced with all aspects of design, design development, document production and contract management for food service projects including restaurants, hotels, casinos, hospitals, prisons (federal and state), schools, universities and corporate cafeterias. In addition to 23 years of experience in consulting for the food service industry he also has an equal number of years experience in design of laundry facilities having worked with resort, prison, and hospital laundries as part of a complete package in conjunction with food service equipment design.

Lynn Sadusky

Lynn’s experience in the food service industry includes design development and field contract management for the food service consulting industry; contract bidding and management as a licensed contractor; and field coordination and drafting for sheet metal and exhaust hood manufacturing. Her experience in the food service industry totals 23 years of design, consulting, contracting and manufacturing. She has worked with resorts, casinos, restaurants, corporate cafeterias, prisons, hospitals, schools and universities. Her technical experience also includes another 8 years experience in drafting and project management in related fields such as millwork manufacturing and equipment production. Lynn completed a Degree Engineering Science at J. Sergeant Reynolds College in Richmond, Virginia in 1986. Lynn is a professional member of the Foodservice Consultants Society International.